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Cover: Survive & Prosper

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Survive & Prosper:
Grow Your Business in Today’s Economy

In good economic times, it is easy to manage a business and generate profits. In tough times, sustaining or growing a business can be much more difficult. During times like these you need to go “back to basics” if you hope to grow your business.

In Survive & Prosper, business consultant Jack Leahy spells out 50 basic concepts that successful companies have employed in both good and bad times. These basics are segmented into seven distinct sections that occur in the lifecycle of a business.

  • Assessing the CEO to guide him to the basics that require attention.
  • Building a successful business using a sound, proven business plan.
  • Focusing on critical areas to ensure the business continues to grow.
  • Managing and communicating with employees.
  • The importance of numbers and how to monitor them.
  • Being efficient and effectively utilizing time.
  • Preparing for success or sale is the end game.

This captivating yet remarkably simple book offers a unique perspective from a banker who provided financing to small and mid-size businesses over the past 33 years. Survive & Prosper is simply the story of business success.

  • Proven approaches that thousands of CEOs and managers have used to grow their businesses successfully in good and bad times.
  • Real life stories and suggestions that demonstrate the value of these basic approaches.
  • Charts, spreadsheets, forms, checklists and quizzes are offered throughout the book, teaching you how to more effectively assess and manage your business.

As the CEO, owner or manager of a small or mid-size company, this book is just what you need now more than ever - to identify potential problems that require immediate attention, and then solve them using these basic concepts to grow your business profitably.